Denise H. Cooperman 


Denise has explained her rediscovery of painting as, “an immense array of emotions—from out-loud laughter to tears of challenge.” She has channeled these emotions onto her canvas, which has allowed to her paint from her heart and express her innermost feelings in an expressive and dramatic fashion.


Denise H. Cooperman (D. Harrison) was lucky to find her calling early in life.  Surrounded by a vibrant art culture in Beverly Hills, California, she developed a deep and compelling love of the arts. As early as junior high, Denise was already an award-winning artist. In high school she was one of thirty children selected from the Los Angeles area to study at University of California, Los Angeles (“UCLA”) as part of a special painting class.  Art became more than just a hobby. By her junior year, Denise was manufacturing and selling handbags and jewelry that she had designed.  

After high school, she pursued fine arts at University of Colorado at Boulder. Before relocating back to California, she apprenticed jewelry-making in Denver, Colorado.  With her experience, she combined her love of painting, jewelry and “bling” and opened up a salon in La Jolla, California where she created “nail-art.”  Recognized for her ingenuity, she was featured on a local talk show and was written up by Frank Rhodes for the San Diego Union newspaper in 1977. These experiences led her to become an Interior Designer in Philadelphia, during which she spent more than three decades in the furniture industry—designing, creating, and furnishing people’s lives with joy, art, and functionality.


After a 30-year hiatus from painting, a talent that she enjoyed exploring during her childhood and college, Denise yearned to pick her paint brushes back up.  One day she did and she has not put them down since.  Denise is currently studying under the tutelage of Jim Repenning, a well-known local artist in Southern New Jersey.  Whenever possible she takes workshops at Studio Incamminati, Phila, PA.  Many of Denise’s current works merge her experiences in the furniture industry with a certain edginess, or, as Gallery Owner Paula Farley Jackson says, “sassiness.”


Denise branched out through her “Bling Bodies” series, which combines her love of jewelry with the beauty of the female figure.  These works have been on display in Aspen, Colorado, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania and Haddonfield, New Jersey..  These unique and dazzling figures will captivate your imagination.


Some of her newest paintings are completly inspired by her son, Perry Reuven who has become observant. His beautiful and complicated religious world has inflenced Denise to begin her Judaica series. She is moved by the "Black Hats" of his community and the emotions that she feels while painting can be clearly seen in the finished work. Proceeds from each painitng or commissioned sales are donated to the Lubavitch Chabad.


Denise currently lives in Cherry Hill, NJ.  She is married and has two boys who are her pride and joy. Her husband, Michael Brachman, is a science fiction writer and author of the Rome's Revolution series.