Painted Children's Chairs


My newest collection of hand painted chairs that has become my favorite whimsical addition.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation like the children that will enjoy them. These are inspired by children's storybooks and can be customized. Each chair is lovingly hand painted with your choice or story, lullaby or verse.  The Pottery Barn "My First Chair" is the frame ensuring quality and stability.


Each chair is painted to order and hand-signed.  Purchase one as shown or lets start a conversation and I'll make you a custom chair that will become a family keepsake.  Keep in mind that these are painted one at a time making each chair unique and no two will be alike. Contact me at


Clown 01.png
Engine 01.png
Runaway Bunny Crocus 05.png
SQRunawayBunny 01-S.png
SQGNShma 01-S.png
SQGoodNightMoon 02-S.png
Clown 04.png
Engine 04.png
Clown 03.png
Engine 02.png
Runaway Bunny Crocus 03.png
Runaway Bunny Crocus 04.png
SQRunawayBunny 03-S.png
SQRunawayBunny 04-S.png
SQGNShma 03-S.png
SQGNShma 04-S.png
SQGoodNightMoon 03-S.png
SQGoodNightMoon 04-S.png